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I am a very lucky woman with a husband and son who are smart, witty and entertaining. Our son, B, attended public school for two years, and then we embarked on a new adventure in the Fall of 2010 - homeschooling. We don't have all the answers, but we know B and this has been the best thing for him. I blog to preserve our stories and our memories, share recipes, vent and ramble on about our crazy, yet blessed, life. Would you care to follow along?

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Follow Up on One of My Hot Button Items - Save the Pets!

In April of last year, I vented in this post that I was fed up with the deluge of flyers, phone calls and commercials (I didn't name names in my post, but I think we can all guess which commercial irks me the most) to save the abandoned and turned loose pets due to the dive in the US economy.  And I am not a pet hater.  However, I will worry about the domestic animals after every American child has been fed and provided with a home.

Recently, the fam and I were watching stand-up from one of our favorite comedians.  Very funny and family-friendly.  Anyway, he had a skit regarding a certain PSA that I can't stand and I had to share it.  I know one of my readers in particular will enjoy this as much as I did.  ;o)

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  1. Not happy that some entity out there in the world wide web has removed my video...