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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our DIY Chalkboard Table

Last weekend, we turned the top of our kitchen table into a chalkboard to use with our homeschool lessons.  We received the round table, plus three leaves, from friends a few years ago.  Our own oblong dining room table was too big for our kitchen and this table was perfect.  It wasn't in the best condition, but we loved it.  And we loved that table into an even worse condition.  ;o)  I've wanted to make the top a chalkboard for several months.  We even bought the supplies at the end of Spring, but it's been too hot outside to do this and I did not want to do it in the house.   Last Saturday was beautiful, not too hot, so we decided it was time.  We only did the table top but we plan to do the leaves in the future as well.

This is the "before" picture.

Close up of the stains, I mean, love we have given this table.

It took the hubs 45 minutes with an electric hand sander to remove the shine from the table.

I painted 2 coast of primer and used sponges for this project. It will go faster with a roller.

This is after the 1st coat of chalkboard paint.

This is after the 3rd coat was applied Sunday morning.  We brought the table inside because rain was in the forecast. The table had to sit and "cure" for 3 days before we could use it.

 After 3 days, we had to cover it with chalk. The hubs and B did this by rubbing the sides of long chalk pieces all over the top and sides of the table. Then once this chalk was wiped off, it was set to go!  We find the chalk comes off better with a rag (one of the hubs' old undershirts) than with the eraser.  And the table top can be washed with soap and water!

After I took the picture at the beginning of this post, B erased it, I popped up the other side and he promptly created a video game with 4 levels.  I'm so glad we finally did this!

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