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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Smoked Sausage and Tortellini

I found this recipe for Tortellini with Edamame and Smoked Sausage  a couple of weeks ago.  I am not a fan of edamame, but I liked the idea of combining smoked sausage and tortellini.  I'd never done it before and wanted to try it. I got out a bag of spinach and cheese tortellini and some smoked sausage Thursday night and thought about what kind of sauce I wanted to put on it.  I finally decided to go with the sauce from my Sautéed Chicken with White Wine and Shallots.  YUM-O!

I sliced up the smoked sausage and browned it over medium heat...

...and cooked my spinach and cheese tortellini.

After the sausage was sufficiently heated and browned, I removed the sausage to a paper towel-lined bowl to drain.  Added a tbsp of butter and a tbsp of Wegmans Basting Oil to the pan.

I chopped up a tomato, a couple of shallots and a couple of garlic cloves...

...and sautéed them for about 5 minutes to soften.

Added 3/4 c white wine, salt and pepper and let simmer for a few minutes.

This is the hubs' plate.  Tortellini and smoked sausage tossed with the flavorful wine, tomato, 
shallot and garlic sauce with parmesan cheese on top.  Mmmmmmmm.

B chose tortellini and smoked sausage with the spaghetti sauce I made yesterday 
and, of course, parmesan cheese.

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