Friday, July 6, 2012

SERIES: 31 Reasons The Hubs and I Have Lasted 17 Years, #6

#6: The hubs does housework.

When we first got married, I did the yard work and he did the housework.  Well, most of it.  He didn't care for doing the toilets, and when he did do them, it took him a looooong tiiiiiiiiiime.  I remember he once spent an hour cleaning the powder room.  hehehe  He's so cute!  So I do toilets now.  Although, a few months ago I ranted to him and B that I could not understand how dirty the toilets can get under the seat!  I mean, were they closing their eyes when they peed?  How hard is it to hit the water and then dab the tip with a square of toilet paper when they're done to prevent drops on the rim and floor?!  Two days later, the hubs had cleaned all 3 toilets in the house.  :o)  I love it when he proves how well he's really listening to me.  Anywho, after B was born, I took on more housework and the hubs took over the yard work.  

He isn't one of those husbands who feels that because he is the sole breadwinner and his wife stays home, that he does not have to do anything around the house.  "I've worked hard at the office all day, I get to relax and unwind once I'm home.  You had all day at home to keep this place up."  And even though this is the 21st century, there really are men in America who feel that way.  I've met some!

The hubs doesn't have to be asked or nagged in order to do housework; he "sees a need, fills a need".  He loves to vacuum; it's calm, orderly, methodical therapy for him, I think.  He does laundry, the dishes, dusts, cooks, de-clutters, makes beds, sweeps, performs minor car repairs, grows herbs, cleans windows and counters and takes care of the yard (although we now hire someone who does the mowing).

It makes a huge difference to have a partner who believes we're equals and we all need to pitch in to get things done.  A partner who values what his wife does at home while he's at the office and doesn't belittle it or feel it's not as important as what he does.


  1. I know a husband like the one you refer to in your second paragraph..cough, cough....drives me insane. But Gino sits on the toilet (easier for him at 5 and easier for me to teach him!) but I make him dab to dry off before he gets up! Seriously the weirdest thing I've had to teach a boy but men are notorious for dripping and being wet and well, that's disgusting. If women dripped pee and just didn't bother to do anything about it...seriously yuck.

    And thank you my dear for giving me something to read, especially these days when I desperately need to hide from my own life. Love you!!

  2. PS - I thought of two other housework chores the hubs does that I do NOT - sewing and ironing! And yes, ladies, I do rent him out to give husband lessons. ;o)